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July 05, 2007



I like getting inspired on Thursday night.
I love, love, those pictures. That is my favorite way to decorate too!.
I'm with you on Daisy Cottage. Kim is amazing.
Have a fun time at your concert.


OOh sounds like a lovely weekend ahead for you Kim!! I'm with you about the vignettes-they are the best part of decorating!!!


Just read your comment on my blog- you are sooo right Kim!! I definately appreciate Tom a lot more after dating a lot of toads!!! We are so lucky to have found our soulmates aren't we?!!!

Daisy Cottage

Ahhh, Kim YOU are always such a sweetie! I love all the inspiration that you share here and I adore your blog... thank you for your generous reference to me! I agree with you, creating "layers" in our home with vignettes is the BEST part about decorating. Have a blessed weekend Kim!


And your vignettes are lovely too! I see a peak of a sofa area just outside the red room..maybe a closer look??? Thanks for sharing...great blog.


Love the vignettes! It's so fun to create them, and like you said, they say so much about a person. Have a great time this weekend - sounds like a lot of fun stuff.


Could somebody just explain to me what a Vignette is please (*blush*)...
Racheal x


I love your inspiration photos. I always enjoy a good vignette and that chicken wire sure is calling to me!


Hi, I just found your blog and I just LOVE your vignettes. I like to decorate also, but I am not especially talented in arranging vignettes. I like looking at them and maybe I will learn from yours. Thanks for sharing.

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