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October 16, 2007


Bristol @ Cottage by the River

What wonderful finds. I love the print. So have you done a lot of shows? How do you like doing them. The thought crosses my mind time to time. Have a great week.



Ooh so nice!! I really love the printed tin!! You always find lovely things!! xx


Love flea marktets!! You found some great stuff.


I love your print. It should easily sell.
Your book looks like it was one of two volumes. They had to finish both during 5th grade. The airplane on the cover reminded me of something my Mother told me. Back when she was little,she was terrified of airplanes, because she thought they would fall out of the sky and hit her. On today's books we may have a picture of the space shuttle or a satellite.
How times have changed.


I think I have the identical twin to your new picnic basket! It was the very first thing I ever bought from eBay....

jessica carter

Hi, I am fairly new to this flea market shopping. I guess mainly beacause I never had the time. I do now! yeah. I am wondering if you could point me in the right direction, and perhaps share where you shop and tips. I am near Baltimore Md,and I reside in York Pa. Im close to Lancaster Pa as well. Are there any good flea markets around that you have frequent? I am mainly atttracted to the shabby chic, cottage style, vintage , french country type pcs. I love it all. Things, furniture, fabric etc... Thanks . Jess


Though I am pretty new to flea markets I still have managed to find some great finds to spruce up my studio. My favorite is a maple drop leaf table I picked up for $20.00 and a plate rack I use for cd storage I got for $5.00. It is in rather distressed condition but I like it and it holds 300 cds. Try finding that at the mall for $5.00!!!

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