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August 17, 2009



My absolute favourite show on television. Plus, I can watch it for free through my cable company's on-demand service for 24 hours after it airs on Sunday night... so what do I do on Mondays, you ask??

Loved the first episode. Anticipating a huge fall for Pete Campbell. Wondering how they will keep Joan around after she is married. Adore seeing the character growth and confidence in Peggy. Continually puzzled by the behaviour of Dick Whitman a.k.a. Don Draper. It's going to be a GREAT season!


My biggest gripe is that they totally ducked the Duck issue. I think it was fairly obvious after his outburst in the last episode of season 2 that he was *not* going to be the president of the new Sterling Cooper. So the fact nobody mentioned that he was temporarily replaced as head of accounts by Bert Peterson, whose name you had barely heard before, is unsatisfying. Either that's intentional -- we'll see an off-the-wagon Duck later falling apart later on this season-- or it's some bogus thing where they didn't want to bring back that actor another season (and pay him DVD residuals, etc). Since they haven't skimped on that in the past (e.g. bringing Helen Bishop back for just one episode in season 2), I think it's the former. I hope it is, because while I thought Duck was loathesome and uptight, he absolutely made for some of the best parts of season 2 (the scene where he let the dog go killed me). And his divorce and relationship with his kids was sort of a "ghost of Christmas future" for Don (though I think Don was oblivious to it), the same way that Helen Bishop functions for Betty.

There are other questions left unanswered (what are the terms of Don and Betty's reconciliation, how did Pete react to the bombshell Peggy dropped, etc.) But it's sort of a no-brainer that those will get addressed later in the seasons.

I think the Brit vs. Yank tension is not the most promising subplot line, kinda tedious.

Poor Sal can't get no satisfaction. I kinda hoped his "first time" would play out a little differently, too.

And of course, I just want to smack Don.


I think a lot of the issues from last season will be revisited in upcoming episodes... they sort of have to be. Based on the first two seasons, I expect the episodes to improve as the season progresses. I have to say, I'm sick of seeing Don shacking up with random women. I understand the point that, as he says, he keeps "going a lot of places and ending up somewhere [he's] already been." But the point could be made without making the viewer sit through multiple scenes' worth of another fling. (I realize some people probably watch just for those kinds of scenes.) Then again, maybe his latest dalliance will turn out to have a significance we just don't know about yet.

Pete's behavior in this episode is perhaps his most childish. It made me chuckle. I'll be very interested to see how what happened to him in the final episode of season two plays out this season. I love the manufactured competition between him and Ken. They're such different characters. Great possibilities there!

I'm enjoying the development of Joan's relationship with Peggy. Very interesting how things are shifting. Joan is great at being a certain kind of woman. She's very smart. But what is her reward?

Agreed with Ez on the Brit vs. Yank thing, but I'm hoping the writers prove us wrong.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I'm so intrigued by this show from the commercials and photos I've seen. Each scene looks like total eye candy with all the wonderful fashion and sets. I'm trying to get in on Season One with the first episode on Netflix, but they say it's a long wait. I hate to jump in, as I don't want to miss anything!

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