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May 12, 2010


Christine in DC

Cool! It seems like a place where I'd spend a lot on things I had no purpose for! I'd come home with a bunch of buttons...and nothing to put them on! :)

Kelli from

Oh my goodness! My hubs would have to drag me out of there. I would love to spend a good couple of hours just going over every single bit of goodness in that shop. Love your blog hope you don't mind but I added you as a fav on mine. Have a great night.


Ooo! I want to go there. I'd probably drool over the old packaging alone!


How cool, I would go crazy there !!! Clarice


I've always wanted to go of these days I will! The photos are beautiful!

Cindy I would have been blissed out of my brains. LOL. What a find! So wish it was closer! You lucky gurl, you!!!!!


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