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July 27, 2007



Your chicken recipe looks like something my family would love and I could attempt on a week night...I to work full time. I'm still looking for the magizine with the wicker project. I'm afraid I might have given that issue away.


They both look like great recipes. Thank so much. We can all use the extra help in the kitchen. Make ahead is a great idea.
Have a nice weekend,


Those sound like great recipes! That chicken looks amazing. I bet you felt great having taken the time to make ahead and then just pop it in the oven when you were ready for it.

Flea Market Queen

Yummy...I'll have to try this one!
Looks delish, Thanks!


OOOoooh - both these sound wonderful, and I am totally bookmarking this page. Sigh. I love freezing extra stuff - and I'm really missing my big old freezer that died on me earlier this year...

Thanks so much for sharing these!


Mmmm, that looks so good!


Sounds great! I've often done the opposite with the pie crust--use one of Martha Stewart's recipes for"press in" pastry dough for quiche and use store bought for dessert pie. not that I make dessert pie all that much! Since I've stopped eating frozen meals (which I was doing a LOT), I need to do some prepare aheads!


I would love to do some freezer cooking. You are very smart to do it that way. I wish I had thought to do it when I was a full-time working mom! I'm going to try that quiche recipe. I love me some quiche!

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