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October 06, 2007



OOOhhh those red shoes!!! They are yummy! And the bag-I can feel my pulse rate quickening already at the thought of all that shopping lol!!! I loved Rome too when I went there, although as you say it is very busy! It's like walking round a film set isn't it! Have a fab weekend!xx

Bristol @ Cottage by the River

Kim- That is sucha cute picture of you in front of the fountain. My husband was in Italy several years ago and picked me up a beautiful black purse. I love those shoes!
Have a great week.


Love the purse and the shoes. Very cute pictures of you and your husband.
Glad you had such a great time!!
Can't wait to see your flea market finds and your Fall decorations.


Wow, I can't believe it, you are at all the places we were on our trip to Italy two years ago for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We spent that day on the Ponto Vecchio in all the gold shops looking for new wedding rings for each other, it was wonderful.
We spent our first days in Rome, which I found too busy, then Florence, then we stayed a week in the Tuscan country side, visiting Sienna too of course.
My hubby was born in Italy, I have Italian inlaws here in Canada, and had never been to their old country in all the years we were married, but now, we are going again in June 2008 :)
Take a look where we stayed in Tuscany, you may want to go there someday :)

Can't wait to see more of your trip :)


That first picture is really great! And those shoes are a perfect Italian vacation treat for Kimby. Yay!


Wow, the pictures are great, but Hello to the pretty red shoes. Oh my, "yummy" doesn't do it justice, but it's pretty close. The purse is also very pretty, as well as the lovely bedding it's sitting on. Take some more bedding pictures please - so cute. Also, you and Glenn look so great, and so happy. I love the pictures of you (the sun glasses are fab, as well as that great headband). I'm so glad your trip was so fun!!


How wonderful for you. I'm so glad that your trip was everything you hoped it would be. What a special opportunity to go on a trip like that. You are a lucky girl.


These wonderful photos brought back lots of memories. I travelled Europe for a summer as a teen. Italy was by far my favorite. I have pics of me standing as a young girl in almost all the same spots as you and your sweetie. Too funny!


Glad you had such an amazing holiday. I love the shoes! We went to France recently and I bought a pair of shoes and boots, just couldn't resist them - their shoes are just so much more stylish than here. Unfortunately one pair are a little tight - wonder if hubby will mind if we go back to change them?



How chic are you? You don't even look like a stupid American!! (I say that with a French accent:)

Love the photos, love the bag and the shoes! More photos, MORE!



LOVE the shoes! Every time I've been in good leather goods countries (like, oh, Italy and Spain), I realize my feet are huge. I wear a 10-11, and that's like men's shoes only half the time over there. Anyway, I'm in love with your purchases!!!!


Ack - the shoes!

Ack - the purse!

Ack - you're gorgeous pictures!

Ack - you, looking all fab and rocking those sunglasses!

Ack! Ack! Ack!

I'm practically speechless!


(ack - that should be "your" not "you're". So excited by all the fabulousity that I forgot how to speak "proper" and lapsed back into "hillbilly". It happens sometimes...)


Beautiful...looks like we have the same taste....shoes, purse, Rome....ahh. Che bello!


Lucky you! How I would love to Europe, Both my wife and daugher hae been to Europe, my wife to italy, france and England. My daughter went further to eastern Europe and visited, the Ukraines and Romania.

Oh well I will be traveling at the end of this year to the Pacific Islands and will be spending a couple of weeks in he Central Pacific, visiting the Island of Nauru (Phosphate Island) most ravished country in the World!!.

Good luck and share your travels again in these pages.


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